A professional portrait makes time stand still for a moment and captures your family and loved ones the way you’d like to remember them always. Or it could be a special moment, like the moment you are longing for your unborn child or the moment you would like remember your wedding by. Even if you don’t find yourself photogenic, we will get there. I can help you feel more confident and relax in front of the camera, so you will be captured the way you really are.

• Intake where will talk about your wishes for the photo shoot.

• ± 60 minutes in the studio, but we will continue until you are satisfied.

• Possibility of 1 change of clothes.

• Selection of 3 digital photos, professionally edited.

• Price including VAT: € 85,00

Every extra photo including VAT: + € 18,00

Photo shoot on location including VAT: + € 50,00

Would you like a printed picture? Prints are available for pick up the day after your shoot.